To create a high-quality product in not enough now. You have to build client’s loyalty and create products that would fit them.
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  • Personal approach to every client
    Personalized offers for every client are based on a detailed history of their purchases, actions and requests. An IT system saves the information about every action of the client, and you can offer goods and services that are interesting for them.
  • Real omnichannel
    Communications via messengers, social networks and email can now be aggregated in a single system. You know all the details about every cooperation. Isn’t it convenient for everyone?
  • B2B communications online
    E-commerce is not only for customers. Online platform helps to make wholesale orders in distribution, using convenient personal account.
  • Direct sales
    Moving to D2C format is easier than it seems. Digital processes, implementation of modern IT tools, starting online shops and logistics modernization – these things make your business closer to the customers.
  • Digital start
    Create online shop from scratch or increase the efficiency of your platform with modern IT solutions. Research your audience, improve customer experience and increase sales, using digital channels.
  • Useful data
    Analyze customers’ behavior, optimize marketing campaigns, control your business, evaluate situation, using verified data analytics. Create a single point of truth to make the right marketing and management decisions.
  • Smart pricing
    Increase margins with a modern approach to pricing. Consider dozens of factors to offer the perfect price to your clients.
  • IT solutions can help business to get unique competitive advantages and change processes fundamentally.
    Gennady Tarantasov,
    Commercial Director of KORUS Consulting

    • CRM

      Store the entire history of customer relationships in a single system. Communicate via any channel, analyze purchase history and make personalized offers.

    • E-commerce

      Special solutions can help you to start selling online.

    • B2B portals
      B2B portals

      Start wholesales online using IT services. You don’t have to develop them – just get the access and start working.

    • Analytics

      Use insights from data sources in a single solution to make successful management decisions.

    • Pricing

      Setting prices, rely on data and information. The system can determine the best price for you and modify it according to the situation on the market.

    • Customer Journey Map
      Customer Journey Map

      Research customer’s communication experience, find the bottlenecks in your sales funnel and figure out recommendations to increase the quality of the service.

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