A full cycle of logistics transformation: audit, hypothesis testing, technologies implementation and integration, technical support and project scaling.
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  • Supply chain planning and optimization
    Find the configuration of the supply chain that provides the lowest cost and maximum profit, using mathematical model based on real business processes. Determine the structure of the supply chain for years ahead on a strategic level (for capital investments), and plan regular operations up to two years on a tactical level, and specific actions on the operational level.
  • Logistics business consulting
    Determine the optimal parameters of a new warehouse, transform existing distribution centers without risk. Logistics business consulting allows you to explore the "as is" situation, develop a target model and build the shortest "to be" plan. Identify key drivers of change, explore hypotheses, answer complex questions, and implement solutions that provide meaningful and measurable results.
  • Warehouse and transport logistics automation
    Develop a management system for the entire cycle of processes in the warehouse, optimize departure of your own and hired transport, using WMS, TMS and YMS. The system’s integration helps create a flexible lifecycle for tracking all processes: from product identification, processing, storage and shipment to transport and yard management. Full automation allows to digitize all operations and to make logistics even more transparent.
  • Robotics
    Reduce staffing costs and improve picking quality with modern technologies. Speed up processes in warehouses and reduce the impact of the human factor. Robotic solutions are best for companies with more than 2,000 SKU, high volume of operations and an outbound throughput of more than 600 units per hour.

Improve the efficiency of logistics processes with the help of IT

  • Supply Chain Planning (SCP)
    Supply Chain Planning (SCP)

    Software helps to design and optimize supply chain processes: reduce operational costs and risks, improve level of service, create mathematical models to test business hypotheses in a risk-free environment. 

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
    Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    WMS allows you to identify goods and select the optimal location for distribution centers. WMS supports the goods flow from receiving in a warehouse to shipping. 

  • Transportation Management System (TMS)
    Transportation Management System (TMS)

    TMS includes several functional modules, their configuration is selected based on the company's business needs. To reduce the cost of maintaining transport the company needs a module for managing its own fleet. To manage multi-way transportation - multimodal transportation management module. For companies that use hired transport we offer an integration with the transport exchange.

  • Yard Management System (YMS)
    Yard Management System (YMS)

    YMS manages vehicles at the warehouse territory. It determines the location of each truck, controls the entry, unloading and exit. It optimizes the schedule of gates usage, reduces the cost of coordinating processes and the downtime of trucks.

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