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  • Hardware infrastructure
    Computers, server hardware, hubs, routers, switches, physical infrastructure, and other devices.
  • Software
    Any software that supports company’s business. This includes basic services (operating system, Active Directory, DNS, etc.), additional platforms and services that solve specialized tasks (backup systems, monitoring systems, data protection systems, etc.).
  • Engineering infrastructure
    Systems necessary for enterprise companies are: cables, wireless network infrastructure, automated fire protection, collective protection equipment, internal fire water supply, fiber optic communication lines, power supply, lighting, diesel generator sets, power supplies, air conditioning system, etc. It also includes security systems: fire alarms, fire extinguishing systems, security systems, access control systems, video management, warning and evacuation management that ensures safe operation of the company.


  • IT Infrastructure audit
    IT Infrastructure audit

    We help to examine and evaluate your existing IT systems: what tasks they perform, whether it meets business objectives and how it can be upgraded.

  • Create infrastructure
    Create infrastructure

    We develop IT infrastructure from the scratch according to business processes and future plans of the company.

  • Solution design
    Solution design

    We plan, develop and implement solutions into existing infrastructure, write technical documentation and support IT services.

  • System migration and integration
    System migration and integration

    Move data from one service to another, develop single sign-on (SSO) inside the applications and organize data change between the systems.

  • Virtualization

    Virtualize servers, storage systems, IT applications and workspaces, optimize usage of computing power, ensure operation of services and business.

  • Backup и Disaster Recover
    Backup и Disaster Recover

    We help to organize system’s backup and disaster recovery and make the infrastructure failure proof.

    • IoT implementation
    It suits any industries, that require collecting and processing information about clients, products, equipment status at every sales point.

    • Cloud-based

    There are different service delivery models: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. You can build the platform based in cloud: all the hardware is located in specialized data processing centers. This is convenient for those, who want to outsource equipment management processes.

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