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Gennady Tarantasov

Director, Business Development


Alexander Semenov

President KORUS Consulting

We make IT simple, affordable and efficient for businesses and people.

We strive to increase efficiency of your business and that is why we

  • Use the best technology from both international and domestic vendors
  • Develop industry solutions tailored to the specifics of your business
  • Closely cooperate with you by joining the project right from the start to define together core business processes to be affected by automation
  • Provide you with a turn-key solution with hardware and software integrated into one package
  • Make our solutions availabel in a SaaS model for you

When choosing KORUS Consulting as a service provider, you are getting it all from one single source.

Treasury automation

Treasury automation

We have developed a standard solution, “Treasury,” used for operative control over financial and economic activity of your company. It provides an opportunity to synchronize both cash receipt and withdrawal by planning financial operations sequences.