Create a single data source for financial metrics and management reporting. Develop model budgets, increase the transparency of planning and improve accuracy of decision making.
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  • Requirements for management reporting and budget control
    Analyze existing management systems and form methodology for its improvement.
  • Model of management reporting and budget planning
    Develop models, according to business needs and the strategic goals of the company.
  • Budget management regulation
    Design the budget process, define long-term goals and key roles of participants at all stages.
  • Methodology and budget management optimization
    Develop single system and number of rules for every participants of the work process.
  • Management accounting and IFRS
    Develop reporting forms, consolidated account plan implementation, mappings of RAS - UU - IFRS and convergence of accounting, development of methods for complex areas.
  • Accounting and tax records
    Develop a single plan of RAS accounts, standardize business transaction journals, manage IFRS, develop a complex accounting methods.
  • Corporate treasury
    Develop and align cash flow, design treasury business processes, develop regulations forms.

How to automate financial management?

  • CPM

    CPM systems allow you to automate budgeting and business modeling, consolidate management reporting and analysis, and monitor business performance and implement a strategy at all levels of management.

  • ERP

    ERP systems manage corporate resources, automate key business processes: from procurement and production to finance and reporting. They improve business efficiency and help to make correct management decisions.

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