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Gennady Tarantasov

Director, Business Development


Denis Chernoskov

Director, Systems integration and IT services

(495) 647-50-46, (812) 677-56-90

Development of turn-key it-infrastructure

Development of turn-key it-infrastructure

While developing and implementing turnkey IT infrastructure, we execute all types of work, from selecting a data center, to connecting a mouse to your accountant’s laptop. All work is performed within a single project, and when finished, a customer gets a complete and full-functioning IT infrastructure. KORUS Consulting develops IT infrastructure based on a one-stop principle – we are responsible for all stages of project realization. We offer proven solutions based on hardware and software from the leading global vendors, such as HP, Dell, IBM, Сisco, Oracle, Microsoft and others. After completing the project, we are ready to provide further support and development of the developed IT infrastructure or use a constructed infrastructure for IT outsourcing.