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  • Adaptation
    The adaptation system allows you to create onboarding scenarios, to set and control goals, to collect feedback, and to analyze the result. Newcomers quickly join the team and work process, so that HR managers and mentors can save their time.
  • Effective work
    K-Team has everything for everyday work: instruments for online documents editing, informing employees, corporate services, idea management, control and setting orders, booking meeting rooms, etc.
  • Education and development
    Create an individual development plan, set up goals, get information about courses and educational plans, conduct tests, save information in knowledge base.
  • Motivation
    Track the level of employee’s loyalty: conduct surveys, control engagement, implement gamification tools (gift bank, likes, local currency), reward people for success cases.
  • KORUS Consulting has been developing and implementing corporate services and portal solutions for more than 20 years. We can help you find the right solution to make your company's life and the work of your employees easier and more effective.
  • HR processes automation

    • Corporate portals
      Corporate portals

      K-Team has a user-friendly interface, design to suit corporate brandbooks. It helps to join the team together, to send out news and announcements, to conduct surveys, to reward employees for professional achievements, to share information about the company and its structure, to introduce colleagues to newcomers, etc.

    • Adaptation system
      Adaptation system

      K-team has everything for successful onboarding: personal HR account and chatbot for new employees. Create adaptation scenarios, according to the employee’s position or city, conduct surveys, monitor the mood of newcomers, send push notifications. Gamification helps new employees to get to the appropriate level of efficiency fast and easy.

    • Personal account
      Personal account

      The solution is integrated with other corporate services and makes them available 24/7. Employees can get personal financial documents, apply for the vacation, sign documents, using an electronic signature. Managers oversee applications and monitor KPIs and team results. HR managers handle requests, inform about important news and events, conduct surveys, etc.

    • Knowledge base
      Knowledge base

      Save documents and project experience, organize information and send it to employees, search data, create templates and post detailed articles with images and videos. You can use the solution for your own purposes: keep documents up-to-date, reduce the training time for new employees, use the experience of experts even after they leave, structure information for sales department and contact center.

    • Goal management and KPI
      Goal management and KPI

      Decompose the company's strategic goals into the employee’s tasks, track the result and KPI performance, and motivate people. The solution helps build a step-by-step action plan from setting priorities to specific tasks.

    • Project management
      Project management

      Control project at every stage, organize team collaboration and plan each step: set tasks, assign performers, set priorities, analyze the result. Minimize risks: terms, labor intensity and cost of the project.

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