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Gennady Tarantasov

Director, Business Development


KORUS | Forecast selected by one of the leading retail chains of children’s goods

May 8th, 2018

KORUS | Forecast selected by one of the leading retail chains of children’s goods

One of the premier Russian retailers of children’s goods Korablik selected KORUS | Forecast, an innovative cloud service of KORUS Consulting, for forecasting and planning.

Korablik is a large chain of children's goods of Russian and international brands. The retailer has more than 200 stores, mainly in Moscow and the Moscow region.

KORUS | Forecast is intended for large and medium-sized retail chains and is used to automatically calculate the demand forecast for regular sales and promotions at the level of each product and store, for each day, based on the world’s best practices, modern mathematical algorithms and machine learning (ML) methods.

The solution is deployed on Microsoft Azure cloud platform using Hadoop parallel computing technologies, Microsoft R Server components, and R math libraries.

«We started a project on the use of KORUS | Forecast on the category "Dairy products". After connecting data from pilot group of stores to the service, our absolute margin increased by 4%, revenue grew by 3%, and the level of write-off of perishable goods decreased by 8%. At the same time, we minimized human involvement in calculating the demand forecast, both on regular sales and on promo-actions. I would like to mention that we generally had a good situation in the section "Baby food", this group of products is under close attention of the experienced, highly qualified category manager. Since we highly appreciated the capabilities of KORUS | Forecast, as well as the high expertise of KORUS Consulting experts, we are planning to connect more problematic categories to the service, - in particular, "Diapers", where we expect to have even more business effect,» says Alesya Bardash, Deputy Sales Director at Korablik.

«I would like to underline the high professionalism of KORUS Consulting experts. We are impressed by the speed of the launch of the solution into commercial operations. One of the key objectives was to configure the integration of our existing auto-order system with the cloud-based KORUS | Forecast, with the main goal to optimize the forecast model taking into account all the relevant parameters of our business. All the technical work was done in two months, after which we immediately started using the service for a selected group of stores. On the part of IT, we managed to save time and expenses for implementation due to the fact that the service is cloud based and does not require purchasing additional software or working hard on data transformation», comments Kiril Dubchak, IT and Innovations Director at Korablik.

«With the advent of Big Data, Machine Learning and cloud computing, the market of demand forecasting systems has been revolutionizing. Since KORUS Consulting has a unique expertise with Big Data and Data Science as well as experience with Microsoft Azure and  has been successfully working with retail for more than 18 years, we are ready to offer our customers a new service approach, in which the terms of launch, the efforts of the client and the contractor for the implementation and cost of the solution will be reduced by tens times. KORUS | Forecast is a world-class industrial service designed and implemented in accordance with the most modern approaches and technologies and can give a quick financial result for our customers due to better forecasting of future demand for goods and understanding the behavior of customers», adds Konstantin Dobrotok, Head of the Optimization Systems, ERP BU, KORUS Consulting.

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